PHP Developer


The team we're looking for empowerment is responsible for building a customer-facing E-learning platform with about 30000 daily users. It has many background jobs and integrations with 3rd-party services.

As a Backend Engineer in the team, you will implement new features as well as maintain existing ones together with your peers and deliver initiatives agreed in the regular planning.

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Professional skills


Personal skills

Communication skills Empathetic Patient Attention to details KISS & YAGNI

Advantage, if...

  • Cloud Infrastructure knowledge
  • PHP Package development experience
  • Multi-tenant system experience
  • REST API & Swagger
  • GraphQL
  • node.js
  • Typescript
  • C#

You can start

Feb - Apr 2022

Ideal candidate

Rascals and good chaps are equally welcome; hypocrites discouraged.

It's ok not knowing things, but be open to admitting it. Then we can work together on the improvement.
We may decide to try or switch over to new technologies, so ideally you're eager to learn new things rather than sticking with one technology for 10 years.

Also, be a party face, our workshops go crazy sometimes 👯 🐩 💃👽🎸


Cafeteria card Coffee
Conference opportunities In house training Training support
Coaching Team building programs


  • Build a great customer-facing product using a simple and reliable architecture
  • Build communication between different apps and 3rd party products
  • Deliver initiatives during planning phases
  • Troubleshoot production errors
  • Deliver high level estimations

Technologies and tools

Slack PHP Node.js Laravel GitHub PHPStorm Vue.js CI TDD

How to apply

  • Language of application: English
  • Self-branding profile
  • CV
  • LinkedIn

Do not apply, if...

  • You have less than 2 years of Laravel experience
  • You don't know what PSR-4 is
  • You don't have a SOLID PHP experience
  • You don't want to write tests for your code


No qualification required

Language skills

Conversational level

Office address

Strada Podeţului 21, Sfântu Gheorghe, Románia

Work schedule

Weekly working hours
40 hours/week

How we work

We have daily standups at 9:45 EET.

The primary communications channel at the company is Slack, it connects team members, partners, clients, and our robots.

The workflow depends on the particular project and the stakeholders. We have real Scrum experience, but lately, many clients prefer a simple Trello board.

We demand properly specified tasks and stories from the stakeholders and from each other.

Your future team

Team size
6-10 person
Team age range
25 - 39

What will you learn

A wide-angle of the Software Development lifecycle: apart from coding, CI/CD, and basic code quality measures, you can learn here about requirement engineering, a dead-simple framework for writing good specs, and how not to fall into the trap of overengineering.

Your future colleagues

Hunor Kedves
							    							    								    			- Beardy Tech Lead

I am the fast one in the team ⛷ 🏍 🏁

Hunor Kedves , Beardy Tech Lead
Lajos Fazakas
							    							    								    			- Beardy Battlefield Coder

I am the good cop in the team 👮

Lajos Fazakas , Beardy Battlefield Coder
Levente Malnasi
							    							    								    			- Beardy Coder

I used to work in a Casino, no one can trick me 😜

Levente Malnasi , Beardy Coder
Attila Fulop
							    							    								    			- The Holy Spirit

I am no longer coding for money 🤸

Attila Fulop , The Holy Spirit
Istvan Torok
							    							    								    			- Versatile Coder

I am a C# convert 🐘

Istvan Torok , Versatile Coder

Our product

Web development with focus on e-commerce

We're specialized in building mid-market e-commerce systems.

Our core expertise is software development, development workflow management including business analysis and requirement engineering.

Our mission

To create and operate functional, unique websites and webapps at a very good cost/value ratio.

What would I miss if I left?

Hunor Kedves
			    									- Senior Developer

We've been working together for many many years now, so it's the people. The great mood, and the fact that we're working with many nationalities.

Hunor Kedves , Senior Developer

Office photo

Strada Podeţului 21, Sfântu Gheorghe, Románia

artkonekt - Office photo  - Strada Podeţului 21, Sfântu Gheorghe, Románia

What makes our product special

Agile working Legacy System Modernization E-commerce development Modern web applications Cloud develpment Laravel, Symfony

Our story

  1. 2011

    We started in a tiny office in Cluj and after a few websites, we decided to focus on e-commerce.

  2. 2012

    A funky old school Bauhaus office in Sfantu Gheorghe

  3. 2013

    The hardcore scene was entered by taking over the Domo Webshop (2nd in Romania back then).

  4. 2017

    We created the Vanilo E-commerce platform that became a standalone gig since then.

  5. 2018

    Expansion to Berlin. Clients in Germany, UK, Ireland, Sweden.

  6. 2020

    Despite COVID, we had a very good year both in figures and in the smoothness of our working style.

  7. 2022

    We're switching to the productized service model.

How can the employees affect the company’s life?

We are working with developers, devops, product and project managers in Europe. All Artkonekt members add a massive value to our projects and success.

Favourite thing in the office

Strada Podeţului 21, Sfântu Gheorghe, Románia

artkonekt - Favourite thing in the office  - Strada Podeţului 21, Sfântu Gheorghe, Románia

Trainings and workshops

  • Onboarding for newcomers
  • Access to quality, paid courses any time
  • Suggest your preferred course, we'll likely buy it for you
  • On-site workshop each year: fun
  • Laracon Amsterdam - once it revives post-COVID

Lightning round

Beer, wine or shot?
Beer && Shots || Wine
Sex ratio?
Needs improvement, girls are welcome
Mac or PC
Up to you. But windows is meh

Our clients

artkonekt - Our clients
artkonekt - Our clients
artkonekt - Our clients
artkonekt - Our clients
artkonekt - Our clients

Why we love our office

Strada Podeţului 21, Sfântu Gheorghe, Románia

We've gone remote years before COVID. Most of us do home office, coworking, or team up with friends and rent an office that is paid for by our company.

Which celebrity would your company be?

Bud Spencer

Bud Spencer


Personal qualities we appreciate

  • attention to quality
  • being able to focus on the matter
  • sense of humor
  • open to learning new skills
  • ready to give and take feedback
Job opportunity for Ukrainians

We are looking to welcome Ucrainian IT professionals in our team! Join us and start immediately!

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@artkonekt Laptop, Coaching

Senior PHP Developer
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