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We are bound to create amazing UI components so you don't have to think about the details. We're spending thousands of development hours to save millions, so you can devote time and resources to your core business development efforts.



We are building the next generation of calendaring and scheduling UI tools. Our customers range from small startups, individual developers to Fortune 100 companies and governmental organizations.

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			    									- Support specialist

I think I would miss the friendships and the people I work with the most. Together we are able to solve the problems that we are facing every day.

Zsombi , Support specialist

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Marosvásárhely, Románia

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Székelyudvarhely 535600, Románia

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Solves complex problems Easy to set up Comes with great support Has a good documentation 100s of examples and demos It gets better and better


  1. 2011

    Mobiscroll releases its very first product bringing touch date & time selection to the mobile web.

  2. 2012.04

    The first version of Mobiscroll 2 is released introducing our second component, the select.

  3. 2013.08

    Mobiscroll 2.7 is released, shipping 9 components.

  4. 2014.04

    Mobiscroll 2.10 is released with platform theming, localization, new features & functionality.

  5. 2015.10

    Mobiscroll 2.17 is released with 10+ components, form fields and extended integration.

  6. 2016.05

    First beta for Mobiscroll 3 is out with Event calendar, which will become our biggest product yet.

  7. 2017.11

    Mobiscroll 4 beta is released with a major cleanup and more refined UX.

  8. 2018.03

    First stable version of Mobiscroll 4 is out. It starts paving the way for more advanced components.

  9. 2018.07

    Mobiscroll 4.3 is released with desktop components and a responsive API.

  10. 2019.05

    Mobiscroll is moving to Sass with version 4.7.

  11. 2020

    Mobiscroll repositions itself as a calendaring toolset for desktop/mobile from a UI framework.

  12. 2020.04

    First beta of Mobiscroll 5 is out, a complete rewrite laying groundwork for the best Mobiscroll yet.

  13. 2020.12

    Mobiscroll 5.0 is in the books with the brand new Scheduler.

  14. 2021

    2021 was about learning & building, making us one of the top event calendaring UI on the market.

  15. 2022

    In 2022 we've doubled down on what we set out to do with v5 and we are winning more of the market.

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Everyone in the company works with customers so that they can experience and understand their pain first hand. This builds empathy and we believe that everyone can positively contribute to our future.

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There are a bunch of ways to level up: access to online training (previously offline events as well), in-house training, coaching and resources you'll need to get better at your craft.


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Mobiscroll - Ügyfeleink
Mobiscroll - Ügyfeleink
Mobiscroll - Ügyfeleink
Mobiscroll - Ügyfeleink
Mobiscroll - Ügyfeleink

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We love our office, because we can work from home or from wherever we want. Our team is distributed and since COVID started we are all working from our homes. We are also looking into ways to provide options for people who would prefer to go to an office from time to time.

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  • Empathetic & respect the opinions of others
  • Reliable... someone we can count on.
  • Empathy is key for great teamwork and when working with customers as well

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